I’ve been resisting creating a blog for quite some time now and my trusty old danieltreacy.com domain, which for the last 12 months has sat idly gathering dust on a registrar server in Singapore, has been taken out of storage and into action.

My blog pursuits started off as static pages a few years ago. Next came Blogger, but since their themes looked like Altavista’s ugly cousins straight from a 1995 party (I am part-designer too, these things matter to me), I kissed Mountain View goodbye after a record-breaking 10 minutes of using the service. I must say that on all of these “blogs” I only ever wrote a post just like I am now, the esoteric “Hello, world”, this-is-my-blog rhetoric, so I didn’t really lose anything and never found much appeal to blog leastways.

When I decided to try again recently, I started writing my blog from scratch using Rails and Heroku. After realising this was the worst decision since the release of High School Musical, I decided to grow up and be a regular, malleable consumer like the rest of us and use someone else’s stuff.

So now I’m using Squarespace.

Watch this (square) space.